- if you come here, you won’t get back!!!

To Tresdorf you can get by car or you take the train and change to the bus.

Tresdorf has it’s own ski-lift for children, great hiking tracks, a bar were you can meet local people, good places for children………

When you come to Tresdorf you can spend beautiful holidays on a farm, or you book a room in the inn "Gangl".

In Tresdorf you can go fishing, enjoy parties, relax, meet local people, ride a bike on bike-tracks through untouched nature or ride a horse. You also can go rafting, or you can hike through the nature.

From Tresdorf you can hike to the ,,Thörlkopf’’, the ,,Leithenkopf’’ or

the ,,Marterle’’. If you want to go swimming you can go to Mitterling, it’s a lake in the neighbour-village. There you can also play football, or you relax in the sun. But it’s also a good place for party-people.

At Easter there’s a very famous ,,Passions-Play’’, that is on TV every year.

In winter you can go curling and after that you can spend a nice evening with local people at this place. Then you can learn how to ski at the ski-lift. But if you are a good skier you should go to Heilibenblut or to the ,,Mölltaler Glacier’’, two fascinating skiing resorts. These skiing resorts are not more than 20min. away.


by Waddleger Philipp


18. November ...was für ein Winter?!!

zur Inbetriebnahme ... Notstromversorgung
zur Inbetriebnahme ... Notstromversorgung

 " Süßes oder Saures " ...oh wie furchterregend!!  31. Okt. 2019 

immer wieder interessant:

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oder zum Fotoalbum 1900 - 1999

100 Jahre - im Wandel der Zeit 


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